Monday, November 14, 2011

Talking Turkey

I'm talking about Heritage turkeys at Inkwell Inspirations today. Lots of turkey photos including this one:

Oh wait - that's Nelson and a pair of Broad Breasted Bronze Heritage turkeys, not 3 turkeys. My bad. Hahaha

Lots of info about preserving rare breeds.

There's also info about The Canned Quilter and her site about canning, quilting, and making things yourself. She lives at Hickery Holler Farm in the Ozarks and her Nov 14 blog is about making your own Swiffer dust pads. Neat!

And finally, there's a YouTube video about 3 Royal Palm soccer-playing turkeys. Too funny. Here, watch:

The questions for discussion today are:

- Were you aware of the roles the ALBC and RBC play?
- Have you ever looked a turkey in the eye? Touched one?
- Which variety do you think looks the nicest?
- Do you eat turkey for Thanksgiving/Christmas?
- Have you heard about the plight of the tigers?

Have a great day!

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