Saturday, November 5, 2011

Montmartre Moose

After not seeing moose in this area for years, they're making a comeback. Almost a year ago, on Dec 11th, 2010, we spotted a cow moose and her 2 yearlings although in my photo journal of them, I said they were 3 cow moose. My father quickly set me right.

We saw the same 3 moose in the spring but they were too far for photos.

Last month, a bull moose started hanging around a few miles from our farm. Nelson spotted him on the way home from work and came to get me but by the time we got back, the moose was too far for photos. The next evening while I was on my way back from town around 5:20, I spotted him about a mile down the road. At least I suspected the dark shape on the side of the road was him because everything else was golden or yellowing vegetation. The shape moved as I drove closer and my suspicions proved true. I pulled over to the side of the road and took these photos while he lumbered away toward the west.

In between those photos, I was able to take this short video of the bull moose in action - slow action, to be sure, but action none the less.

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  1. How awesome, Anita! Thank you for posting your pictures and the video. I've lived in Maine for 9 years and have yet to see a Moose, in the wild that is (there is a game farm that we like to visit that has some). I know they are around here, but they are so elusive. Deer are aplenty. I love any chance to see wildlife.

  2. Hey there, Carla. Yes, I would think living in Maine would give you a view or two of Moose geographically. But if there's been a lot of development, they may have run to Canada. :D

    That's what's so unusual about having moose around our farm. Usually they stay in the parks where there's peace and quiet, no hunting, lots of trees and lakes, etc.

    The only thing we have around here is an abundance of sloughs. Those are what we called ponds in Ontario. Small bodies of water that dry up in the fall and don't come back until spring. But these have been wet years and some are staying year round. If we have them here on the prairie, though, there should be more water in the parks, too.

    Moose and people don't mix very well. Vehicles, either. I was thrown through the windshield when I was a toddler because Mom hit a moose lumbering across the road. Still have the scar on my chin.

    Thanks for the visit. :)


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