Friday, March 25, 2011

Porcupine Climbing Down a Tree

He's ba-ack. Again, Nelson came home from work and said the porcupine was out in the trees. But this time instead of being on the ground, he was up in the tree. All I could see was a black bulge straight out from the kitchen window where the shelterbelt divides the yard from the prairie. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and scooted out the door. I stood in the driveway and filmed the porcupine as he climbed the 15 ft or so down to the ground.

Porcupine Climbing Down a Tree:

This porcupine is starting to make a regular appearance on the farm. But why in a tree? If he carried a telescope, I'd suspect him of spying on me. Haha.

Anybody know what a porcupine eats?


  1. I believe porcupines eat the bark off trees. On our farm, when I was a kid, my Dad didn't like the porcupines for their bark eating AND because the dog had a tendency to get too close to the slow moving porcupines with, of course, unfortunate results!

  2. The bark, huh? Well that would explain the height because the bark would be thinner and newer ie softer up there.

    However, I don't agree that porcupine's are slow-moving. The 2 previous videos show the porcupine moving much quicker than I could ever have imagined. Honestly, watching him come down that tree... it was like a morbid fascination... I knew he could hurt me if he turned his back but I wanted to see what he would do. I remember wondering who would win if we had a race. :D

    Thanks for sharing, Elaine. And don't send any more white stuff from the north, eh. We have quite enough. :D

    Anita Mae.

  3. You're right! They do move faster than we think -- and obviously the dog could move at least that fast too!
    We don't want any more white stuff either! Spring, where art thou?? :)


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