Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Damage

March is here and all over Facebook I'm reading about friends with green grass, blooming trees, and sunshine. While we have plenty of sunshine, we're not running out getting tanned yet due to the 3 feet of white stuff. Yes, lots of snow. Here's a photo of my garden with it's 3 foot high fence:

Here's another look at those animal tracks - this one taken from where they crossed the driveway. If anyone knows what type of animal made these tracks, let me know, please.

As you can see in the next photo, we've had some melting days as well. This has created a problem because of ice build-up in the eavestrough.

So far, we haven't had a problem with this gutter that runs along the front of the porch, but where the kitchen abuts the sunroom, the ice pushed the eavestrough right off the house, shown in the photo below. We heard a bang in the middle of the night and the next morning, there it was, blue Christmas lights and all lying in the snow. It looks like the sunroom gutter could be the next one to go:

The ice isn't the only problem we've had this year, though. JJ and I were in the living room when we heard a kind of thud one night - almost like you'd hear when a bird hits the window. We looked out the big picture window where the yard light illuminates the whole yard, but couldn't see anything unusual, not even in the snow below the window.

Then the next day, I was walking past the window when a glint caught my eye - a glint that shouldn't have been there. I pulled back the drapes and sheers and found a humongous crack running down the inside glass. At the time, it was a curvy line about 60% of the way to the bottom. Today, after another thud, the crack completed it's journey.

The weather hasn't been this cold this year, either as it never reached the -50C/-58F of other years. I think the coldest has been -40C/-40F. And that was only once or twice.

However, the temperature has stayed at that -28C/-18F point for weeks at a time, then warmed up to 0C/32F freezing point for a couuple days before plunging again. It makes you wonder how the Calgary population fares with their warm/cold winter from the chinooks every year.

And Agriculture Canada is predicting a long, cold spring still. Ugh.

So, how was your winter? Yes, I know it's a loaded question this year, but I'd really like to know how it's been and when you think you'll be enjoying spring.


  1. hey there Anita
    the winter has been unseasonably cold for Virginia Beach (probably warm for your area though) we've had snow in the beach area three times, which is rare. i've enjoyed it because of growing up in Colorado and I like snow. The rain and ice we've had, i don't enjoy quite so much. It has been fun bundling Nathaniel in cute snow gear I never thought he'd get to wear (hand me downs from Colorado cousins)

    hopefully spring will show up in the next couple of weeks. what i'm hoping for is for the Gulf Stream to swing closer to the Virginia Coastline this summer since that will bring clearer/warmer water for diving. i'm not sure if i'll get to dive much because of Guppy - but hopefully a few times. Swimming lessons are in his very near future since we'll be around water all summer.

    i remember similar snow issues my grandparents had at their farm in North Dakota. I hope the repairs won't get too expensive for you.

  2. Hey Deb, I'm so glad you didn't have to buy outerwear for guppy. That's one huge expense I could do without.

    I hope you get to dive, too. When Crystal was small, we bought a golf membership when we lived at the only military base in Canada with its own golf course. A beautiful course with a discount to military members. I didn't want to leave Crystal at the daycare, but I was also trying to lose weight and walking on a peaceful fairway (with military jets flying overhead, lol) was a great way to exercise.

    So I guess what I'm saying, is that Guppy will be happier with a happy mom. And doing something adventurous like diving, refreshes your spirit.

    Yes, I guess swimming lessons would be in order. Up here, most of the kids take them even though they may not swim all year, but almost every park has a pool and kids make use of them during the summer.

    As for the damage, replacing the eavestroughing should be an easy task. The window is major. It's 9' wide but only the 1st of 3 panes have cracked. And only on the inside. There is also a huge crack in the wall right below the window crack. That means structural damage. Since there are also other problems with this 100 yr old farmhouse, we'll have to see what the insurance agents says before taking action. Ugh.

    Bless you, Deb.


  3. Hi Anita

    If you remind me, I have an animal tracks of SK at the cottage and I'll look it up.

    Meantime - skunk or weasel, maybe wolverine?


  4. Oh sure, Connie. The tracks run across my lawn and although I know those 3 animals are around here, not in my yard, please!

    Nelson thinks the tracks might be from a prairie chicken that's been hanging around. We've seen it walking all over the place, but the tracks don't seem bird-like to me.

    By the way, I've just posted pics and a youtube video of a porcupine and his tracks close to home. Close - like driveway close. ugh.

    Anita Mae.


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