Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Uniqueness of a Church

I'm blogging at Inkwell Inspirations about the different denominations of churches I've attended over the years and what makes each one unique in What Makes a Church Unique?

One of the aspects I love about our present church is the music - especially the gospel songs. Here's an example of
Joey Theriault singing old time gospel, Where Could I Go But To The Lord in one of my first attempts at making a YouTube video:

My questions for today are: What about you? Is there something unique about your church that you’ll like to share?

Fun Question: What do you sit on at church? Wooden pews, padded seats, cushions on wooden pews, plastic ‘bucket’ chairs, etc.

And if you don't attend church, what's your favourite chair at home and why?


  1. Anita

    St Alban's cathedral has a spectacular stained glass window dedicated to the war dead of the First World War. If You are in PA, stop and have a look. The cathedral is behind Dairy Queen and across from Sears. Window faces parking lot of mall.

    I'm Anglican. We always sit toward the back. I think it might be in the 39 articles.

    I sit on the right hand side, 4 or 5 pews from the front and a wooden pew with a kneeler attached to the pew in front. The kneelers are phenomenally hard. Keeps us well behaved.


  2. Hey Connie, the stained glass window sounds beautiful. Actually, we have a stained glass window in our country church, too. With an angel design, it was given as a gift from parents who lost their son in WW II.

    I can't kneel anymore. I think it has something to do with the 4-5 hrs at a time I spent kneeling in a corner as a child. :(

    I've never been to Prince Albert. If all goes as planned though, I'd like to go up to that area this summer - follow the Carlton Trail up and check out Batoche, etc doing research.

    Thanks for the visit. It's been so long seen I've seen anyone from the Sask Rom Writers. :(

    Anita Mae.


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