Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To Normal... Almost

It's August and things are almost back to normal after putting 5200 kms/3200 miles on my vehicle during a 10 day stretch in July which included:

July 12: JJ and I headed west, stopped at Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills, SK.

July 13: Drove to Calgary, AB to spend time with Jessica.

July 16: Jessica, JJ and I drove back to the farm.

July 17 am: Nelson and the kids went to church where they led worship with JJ working the sound. Meanwhile, I picked up Crystal at Regina airport.

pm: Crystal and I joined the family at church where she spent a few mins with her dad, then the kids and I headed east to Thunder Bay. Nick shared the driving.

Jul 18-21: Spent 4 days in Thunder Bay with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Torsti including a family meal at Hoito's with Uncle Paul and cousin Nancy.

While in Thunder Bay we enjoyed a birthday celebration at the Prince Arthur Hotel with Grandpa Bill and Grandma Judy.

We also drove out to the Amethyst Mine Panorama for exercise and pretty purple rocks. :)

July 21: Dropped Crystal off at Thunder Bay airport for flight back to Vancouver, BC

July 22: Drove 3 kids back to farm, again with Nick sharing driving

July 23 am: Arrived exhausted, run-down with sore throat, stuffy nose, et al, but content. Van still in relatively good shape.

pm: Nick left for the Street Invaders Team boot camp in Eston, SK prior to his departure to South Africa.

July 24: Jessica left for job as counsellor at Circle Square Ranch, Wolf Creek, SK.

July 30: Picked Jessica up at the ranch.

July 31: Drove Jessica to Regina airport for flight back to Calgary, AB.

Aug 1: Nick landed in Cape Town, South Africa. Please pray for him and the mission team.

So, the girls have gone back to their homes, but Nick won't be back until mid-Aug.

And that's how my summer's been so far.

How about you?


  1. Whew! You're making me tired! My summer has been positively sedate in comparison. Hubby and I went down to the Dakotas to golf and see the sights. Check out my blog next Thursday for more information on that.

    It was great that you were able to spend time with your girls and the rest of your extended family. My oldest daughter, the one in Toronto, visited us for a week at the beginning of July. It was great to see her. We sure wish she was closer!


  2. sounds like quite the travels! Glad you're safe.
    The book arrived today! Thanks!

  3. wow anita, you've been quite the traveler and busy to boot. i think it's wonderful that you were able to have some family time. your daughters are beautiful - i love the picture of Crystal with her braids. Her hair is so thick! Anyway, thanks for sharing your busy month with us.

  4. Yikes, I've been so busy trying to get my new website started and finish my ms that I missed all this.

    One thing I noticed was that if y'all want to get into my Welcome Prize Giveaway (see top right), then you need to come back and leave a valid email address.

    :( but them's the rules.

    Now, on to your comments...

  5. Hey Jana, your summer may be sedate, but I remember you going down to Texas when we were freezing. lol

    Yes, visiting with the girls was great as normally we only see them at Christmas. When Jess comes home in the summer, it's usually a micro-quick stop on her way back and forth to the CSR Ranch.

    I hear you on wishing your daughter lived closer. They say it doesn't matter these days with air travel so fast, but it really does matter. Just adds more time and expense. :(

    I'll try to remember your blog on Thurs. Give me a shout on FB if I don't appear, okay?

    Anita Mae

  6. Me too, Elaine. I know hubby was very worried about all the driving... especially since he almost drove off a cliff with Crystal on that bad Kenora stretch 2 dozen yrs ago. They've really improved it so you don't go more than 10k without a passing lane and then they have the by-pass where you miss that whole area, if you wish. But still... a lot of time with the eyes on the road.

    You mean it only took 2 months to get your book? I could have driven it up to you in 5 hrs, LOL. I guess I can't pin this one on Canada Post, eh. I really appreciate you waiting for it.

    Thanks for letting me know it arrived. :)

    Anita Mae.

  7. Hey Deb, yeah, I think they're beautiful too, but I'm biased. Thanks for agreeing with me. :)

    Crystal has had dreadlocks for years now which makes it look thicker, although us women in the family are blessed with thick hair. Hair stylists always drool over it. Really, lol. But when Crystal braids her dreadlocks, they look super-duper big.

    BTW Deb, next week at the Inkwell I'm doing a post on Branding and how you helped me. Do you have a pic you want to send of you, with or without Guppy and Boats, that I can post along with it? I'm thinking of using the photo of your wedding topper, too since I still have it on file.

    Anita Mae.


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