Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gospel Music Videos

I'm blogging at Inkwell Inspirations today with 3 music videos I created for the Glenavon Church YouTube channel, like this one:

Jessie, Nick and Nelson lead worship with Lead Me To The Cross

I'm trying to get more made, but the optimum time to upload is between midnight and 6 am and even then it takes several hours for each 5 min video.

But so far, I have videos by:
  • The Draper;s
  • The Keller's
  • Dianne Bonk
  • Joey Theriault (a guest singer)

I'm working on one with only Nelson, and more by the above musicians.

These videos are not professional and neither are the musicians, but they are heart-inspired by the people leading the worship who have the courage to get up in front of a congregation and lead the rest of us.

I'm sending a huge thank you out to all those people who lead praise and worship in whatever venue the Lord has called you to fill. Bless you.


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