Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salamander Exodus

I'm not sure what's going on, but we seem to have an exodus of salamanders crossing the road these nights. This first photo was taken with only the car lights shining on the road.

Nelson first saw about a hundred of them crossing the road a few nights ago. Two nights ago as we were coming back from the city we spotted about ten in a 12 mile stretch. We're not sure if it's almost over or if it was the wrong time of night.

Here's another shot of the same salamander using the flash on my camera.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?


  1. Whoa! Nope, haven't heard of a mass salamander migration, but we have salamanders like yours around here. Freaky dinosaur lookin' critters, aren't they?

  2. Hey Niki, over the 11 yrs we've lived on the farm, we've only seen 3 others in our yard. At church today, other people who've lived here most of their lives were talking about the salamander exodus and they've never seen anything like it either. They attribute it to the flooding we had this year.

    If you hear anything about them let me know, okay?

    Thanks, Niki.

  3. wow. i didn't realize salamanders lived that far North. i've always pictured them as more warm weather creatures. it'd be interesting to hear what someone who studies salamanders would say about the mass exodus phenomenon. hope it doesn't mean a really harsh winter.

    ps. thanks for the note on eHarl

  4. Hi Anita,
    We saw the salamanders on the move when we were in Saskatchewan in mid August. I've lived on the prairies all my life and I've never seen that before either. Weird stuff is happening!


  5. Hey Deb, I can't believe I'm a month behind. Yikes! I was in my cave but I thought I'd answered all comments. I guess not.

    And I don't live that far north. We reach 100F during some summers. Even this summer. But then we do have those extra long winters to contend with so I guess you have a point.

    Better go dig out my parka and mukluks. :D

  6. Hey Jana, sorry I missed your comment too.

    So, you haven't seen this salamander behaviour either? Very weird.

    I remember the great army worm exodus when I lived in North Bay in the 70-80's. Maybe even saw it in Manitoba. Heading down the highway, one side of the road completely devoid of vegetation except for stark tree trunks. The other side of the road green leaved. And then the greenish, slimy highway between them. Yuck!

    We've had thousands of dragonflies this year - more than I've ever seen, but we welcome them. With all the flooding, the mosquitoes would've finished us off if it wasn't for the flying beauties.

    Thanks for sharing and I really am sorry I'm late. :(


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