Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moose Sighting!

I interrupt my Christmas Song Spotlight series with this exciting news…

This morning at dawn, Nelson rushed in and yelled, “Get in the truck with your camera! I spotted 3 cow moose half a mile from home!”

Still in my jammies, I quickly dressed and climbed into his truck. He drove to the end of the driveway, turned left and headed north a quarter mile, then east another quarter mile. As we reached the top of one of the hills that surround our shallow valley, he pointed left and down. And there beneath bare trees in an area which would be shallow water at any other time of the year, were 3 cow moose lying in the snow.

3 cow moose hiding in a copse of trees.

Since they were on the north side of the road, I got out of his truck. Two of the moose got up as I rounded the back of Nelson’s truck. I took a couple photos then walked up to the edge of the road for a closer shot. Meanwhile the moose headed west along the tree line.

Running west along tree line.

I jumped back into the truck and asked Nelson to drive backwards. He said it’s better to turn around since there was an approach right there. We turned around and as we headed west, the moose cleared the copse of trees and turned south. They were about to cross the road in front of us.

And Nelson floored it!

“Wait! What are you doing? Stop!”

He slammed on the brakes and I lurched forward until the seat belt cut off my breath. The gravel crunched wildly beneath our wheels. I took pics as the moose crossed 150 ft in front of us. I took another knowing I hadn't paused long enough for the camera to focus. But, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn’t want to lose it.

They lumbered across the road, over the fence and through the field heading south.

Pregnant cow moose in December.

By the time I was out of the truck and taking pics again, the moose were climbing the hill and heading east.

Across the road and heading east.

Isn't this cute... they stopped to say goodbye. Or is that one sticking her tongue out at me? Honestly, the only shooting I do is with my camera.

Good-bye and Merry Christmas!

A final photo before they disappeared over the hill.

Over the hill and they were gone.

As we drove back, I asked Nelson what in blank he'd been thinking. Moose steaks for supper? He said he was trying to head them off so I could take photos out my window while sitting in the truck. How could I be mad at that? So what if my blurry images were a once-in-a-lifetime missed shot? Indeed. I have enough to keep my happy.

Need a Moose Crossing sign here.
Nelson dropped me back at home and went back to work. I looked out the kitchen window and drew the boys over. I pointed at a break between the trees where we watch for the school bus. “If you had looked over there about 10 minutes ago, you would have seen moose crossing the road.”

Wide-eyed, they looked where I pointed. I added, “They’re gone now but if they hang around in the area, we may see them other times.”

So - thanks honey. Three pregnant cow moose in December. Nice.

Thanks for the morning ride, honey.


  1. Anita,

    Neat or what?? Wow! Great photos.

    A sign on a northern ontario highway - Moose crossing Bear with it

    I forwarded an email showing a deer still in velvet going right up to a man and his son. Further down were a number of shots of - not one - but TWO albino moose.

    If I didn't send it to you, let me know.


  2. great pictures anita! quite a mini adventure for you and your husband. i think it's wonderful that he worked so hard for you to capture the moment in pictures. such a wonderful man.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Connie, I did receive it. That was something. I've never seen albino moose of any number before.

    Oh, those Ontario highways. I still wear the scar on my chin where I went through the windshield as a very young girl when Mom hit a moose. I don't remember it, but the tiny scar is a reminder that life is fragile and moose are huge!

    Thanks for visiting. :)

    Anita Mae.

  4. Gee Deb, now he's preening! LOL

    But, you're right and I'm very blessed that he knows what I like and puts out the effort.

    And thanks for the compliment. I really like it when you visit. :)

    Anita Mae.


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