Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Flood Photos

Okay, we're officially flooding.

If you look at this driveway pic, check out the fence posts on the left.

Uh - oh!

The road north just before you turn down our driveway.

Close up of the action.

It's quiet outside - well, except for the chatter of birds and the sound of rushing water.

I'm standing near the part where the water is over the road and I'm looking south. The farm is on the right.

Looking west to our farm yard.

See the fence posts...

But it's so beautiful.

We have the sump pump going on an 8 min on and 3 min rest cycle and it seems to be holding its own. Still, there are several inches of water in the lowest part of the basement. I took the first watch until 3 am when my knees gave out from going up and down the stairs. Then hubby took over and I went to sleep on the recliner. I woke at 8 to find the boys doing sump pump duty. They said Dad fell alseep while reading his Bible at breakfast but he's gone to work now.

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