Monday, April 13, 2009

We're on Flood Watch

I took this photo as we left home yesterday around 11 am. It shows the water around our farm at a high level. Nine years ago when we first moved to the farm, the water rose up over the road. Hubby had to wear waders and walk through the 1-2' high water to get to his truck parked on the other side just so he could go to work.

We're praying it won't happen this year, but that water is high and there's still a lot of snow to melt. Plus, it rained yesterday. I'll keep you posted...

I enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebrating Christ's resurrection with the family in Regina. My sister-in-law, Teresa, always puts on a delicious meal with lots of side dishes. It's a special treat to celebrate a holiday at her house. In the photo, our daughter Jessie is taking a pic of her dad, his mom, and his sister, our hostess, Teresa.

After we ate, we played canasta - a card game. It was more fun than usual because we had extra players and when one player had to leave - like when Grandma started to fall asleep and left to go for a nap - my teen son sat in to play. This was the first time he's played canasta and it was a nice to spend the time with him in such a way. When the phone rang, another player left and someone else sat in to play. After awhile, our partners were all mixed up but it didn't really matter who won the game because it was the socializing that counted. While we played, Teresa served up snack food and dessert so we really had a treat.

Later on, we headed to the airport to welcome back Ashley, an Australian friend who had first come over as an exchange student years ago. It was a long 30 hr trip for her and it was nice to see her land safely.

So, other than a glorious celebration of life over death, my weekend consisted of family, friends and fear of flooding.

How was your weekend? Are you worried about anything at this time of year?


  1. your Easter sounded wonderful. my brother, his wife and i have always enjoyed playing canasta. it's quite funny to watch how my brother looks at his wife when she doesn't play the cards he wants her to play. they get quite competitive... especially when playing her parents. i think it's a bragging rights thing.

    so glad your family could enjoy being together. i think it's a great way to honor the Lord too. thanks for sharing!! will pray that the flood waters stay away.


  2. Hey Deb - yeah, I know about the bragging rights - dh is like that, too.

    Water is rising. Please keep praying.

    btw - I need your new email addy. Your old one doesn't work any longer.

  3. ah, email... nm8r67 at hotmail dot com


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