Wednesday, April 15, 2009

JJ Takes Pics of Flood

My son was a 3 yr old the last time we flooded but doesn't remember the water. Since he's fascinated by it and keeps running out to look at it, I gave him my camera this morning and said to take shots of whatever caught his fancy. Just make sure he took pics of the road. I showed him yesterday's photo and said to make sure the photo's not all sky. We do live on the prairies, after all. These are the pics he took:

This is the pasture behind our house (on the left). Usually, you'll see land and a dugout but at the moment it's hard to see where the dugout starts and stops.

The road heading north. It looks like the water is holding back for now.

JJ's close up of the road. I wonder what caught his eye...

Ah - so this is the chattering I've been hearing all morning. The blackbirds are back.

That's all the pics I have today. In other news, the plug hubby put in the basement is still holding although we're to check it every few hours which we'll do before we head into the city today for music lessons.

During the last flood, we were about to leave the city when hubby phoned us to stay in town since the road was under water. He doesn't think it'll be a problem this year.

Jessica says I shouldn't bring an overnight bag because that will seem like I'm expecting the worst.

I like to be prepared and usually when I am, I didn't need to be after the fact.

We'll see...


  1. Anita;

    Best of luck with your flooding. I have done sump pump detail many times in the past. We along the Saint John River which floods every year. It was bad last year. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this year. It reached flood stage and then receeded a bit. So far so good. We now live on a hill so our house is alright but when the flooding is bad the whole city is affected.

    I hope and pray you are spared


  2. Hey Linda, I didn't realize the Saint John floods every year. It was the same in Moose Jaw. They finally proclaimed the valley as a flood plain and forced the people to leave after buying them out at market value prices but it made a lot of bad blood in the city.

    Yes, the waters have receded, thank goodness. The plug in the basement is still holding although I don't think hubby trusts it as he has us checking every couple hours.

    Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated.


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