Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Canada Day!

I'm sure there are parades happening all over the country today and I hope for dry skies for all the firework shows.

But here in Montmartre, SK the parade happens on Saturday when the Rural Municipality we live in celebrates its centennial year. Called 'Paris of the Prairies', a 28 foot replica of the Eiffel Tower has been installed downtown. Plus, an 8 foot replica beside the highway draws attention to the local electronics store. Here's a photo of the 3 foot version available for homeowners. And yes, they're all made of metal.

In case you're wondering why Paris and the Eiffel Tower - Montmartre, Saskatchewan is paired with Montmartre, a community in Paris. I did a web search and found this tidbit on Montmartre, France:
The area where Renoir, French Cancan and Van Gogh (among others) all came of age...
Still a little village in the big city, Montmartre borders the Red Light district (Pigalle) to the south, and the less than tourist-friendly Saint-Ouen neighborhood to the north. Therefore caution is needed when making hotel arrangements.

Well now, isn't that an interesting tidbit for a romance writer, eh.

No matter how you celebrate today (in Canada) or on the 4th of July (in the US), thank God for giving our forefathers the wisdom to create these great democratic countries where we can celebrate, or not, as we wish.

So, whatcha gonna do to celebrate? Huh?

After reading Captain Hook's comment, I realize I meant to say, 'What are you doing to celebrate either national day?'


  1. Well, since I'm not Canadian, I don't think I'll be doing anything special. Those are some pretty neat facts though. And I like the many Eiffel towers you all have :)

  2. Okay... but what are you doing on the 4th of July, Cap'n?

  3. My church is having a 4th of July breakfast that I'll go to if I'm awake. Since I work nights, that's debatable.

    I hate fireworks (the noise really bothers me) so I'll stay inside reading or writing for the rest of the day.

  4. Hey Sarah, I'm glad you came back.

    I can see where you don't want to make a firm decision on the breakfast. When I was a shiftworker, I faced this all the time. Sometimes I made it, sometimes I didn't. The main thing is you've been blessed with a good job and God understands as do most church people.

    I hear you on the firework noise. When my eldest was 4, she started crying whenever we mentioned fireworks. When it dawned on us the reason, we put these big earphones on her. She smiled throughout the display. We thought people might laugh at her/us but mostly everyone said they wished they'd thought of it. Who knew.

    I thought hubby was going to take the kids to the centennial celebrations but I just found out he has to work all weekend. pout.

    At this stage of my life, I'd rather spend the time writing. But I guess I need to be there for my boys, so I'll bring them.

    However you spend your day, I hope you enjoy yourself.

  5. Happy Canada Day to you Anita.

    For the Fourth, I've a feeling we'll be going out on the dive boat DH crews for to watch the Virginia Beach Fireworks show from the water. If not, we'll be having a quiet night in and hopefully keeping our black Lab, Fred from getting too nervous with all the noise from the firecrackers.

    Cool info about your town too. You always have such interesting things to read about. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, Deb! It's nice to "meet" another from the mid-Atlantic states. I'm up in Maryland.

  7. Gee Deb, isn't that funny... I think you lead an interesting life as well... I just talk about mine more. LOL


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