Thursday, July 16, 2009

Snow in July?

Actually, it's a very heavy frost. Look at the van!
I've haven't had the heart to go look at my patio flowers since hubby took this photo yesterday morning. Yes, I know the date says it's the 15th but Nelson was up early for work and still kinda dozey. :)
The days have been hovering around 18C/68F but this frost is totally ridiculous.


  1. Can I move in with you, Anita? I miss cold weather so much!

  2. Sure ya do, Sarah.

    But then again...if you live someplace where it's hot and muggy and can't breathe from all the humidity, I can see you wanting to move here.

    After our long, cold winter though, I just feel so ... cheated.

    And yes, Sarah, you have a place here waiting for you whenever you want it. You just have to get approval from hubby. :)

  3. I assume you mean your hubby, since I don't have one any more.

  4. Yeah, my hubby. I let him think his word is law. *wink


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