Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Never Dull Here

It's Saturday morning and I'm hosting Vince Mooney over on the Chicks blog today. Awesome post about emotionally rewarding your reader. Is that really the secret to Nora Roberts' success?

Yesterday I slipped down to my ND post office box to pick up a Sony eReader I'm test driving. I could have had it mailed to my home address but it would've taken another 2 wks by the time it crossed the border and I only have it until the end of Sept. My first obsevation is that the screen isn't backlit so I need supplemental lighting to read in the dark. Or if there is a light, I can't find it so someone please tell me how to find it.

Nick comes back from camp tomorrow which means a week with both boys home before they head off again. It was nice with just the little guy this past week. He used earphones when on the computer and I went to write in the Rec Centre when he wanted to play the Wii in the living room.

Funny thing happened overnight. Nelson said the power went off at some point and when it came back, some of it stayed off. So we have 90% of the outlets working. However, the water pump isn't working in the basement and in the kitchen we have no stove or microwave, yet the fridge is fine. The kitchen is in the original portion of the house and for some outlets, the top part works but not the bottom. They seem to be hooked up to 2 different breakers which is really weird. The power bar in the dining room which has Nelson's laptop, the answering machine, TV, stereo, etc is not working but the computer in the opposite corner is fine. The outlet where we charge our cell phones is a bust. We have a booster there which boosts the signal otherwise our phones would deplete over the course of a day while it searched for a signal. Already today, my cell has run out of power. :( Thank goodness Nelson is off work today so he can figure out how to fix this power problem.

So, how's your weekend so far? Going like you planned? Wanted?


  1. Hi Anita,
    Looks like I'll be popping back in from time to time as I get further settled.

    My sony doesn't have backlighting either. Not one of the features from what I understand. Sorry.

  2. Hey Kel. Well so far, that's the biggest drawback for me. I was able to load new books on it fairly quickly and will give it a real test drive after I'm finished my current one. But without the backlight, I'll continue reading my iPod in bed.


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