Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunroom Pics

So if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I've been spending a lot of time in the sunroom. I love it out here but held off until now because the plastic was still covering the screen windows due to the cold, rainy weather we've been having. Then on the hot days, the room heated up so fast it was unbearable.

Well, a few days ago I decided enough was enough. With it being the 3rd week of July already, if the plastic didn't come 0ff now, we may as well leave it up since it's only 7 wks til Labour Day. Yes, already!

This is what I see when I look out the patio door in the dining room. And yes, the sunroom is also used as a storage room.
The black thing on the table is my laptop because that's where I work.

The boys took down the plastic and now I have an extra room to in. So much more light and fresh air than in the garage/rec centre. A lot more dust, too but we won't worry about that. I can clean off my laptop just as well as the next person.

If I look up from my laptop and look left, this is what I see in the southeast direction.

So here I am, kidless until Saturday. I'm posting pics of where I am and what I see so you can spend the week with me. I'm in my 'writing cave' this week but it's about the most unlikeliest cave environment ever. Like I said, lots of light, very breezy but comfortably so, trees filled with chattering birds, barn swallows teaching their babies how to fly, and the occasional baler or farm tractor out on the road or field. I even got buzzed by a crop duster the other day. Didn't like that.

This is the view if I look more to the left which is in a northeasterly direction. Behind the flowers are a row of mugo pines which divide the patio from the driveway.

Okay, enough procrastinating. I have a manuscrip to crit and a suspense novel, Silent Keeper, to write... see - hubby's off work today and he knows I'm working but I just caught a movement at the corner of my eye and there's these hands waving above the mugo pines and yup, Nelson's just appeared, grinning, and hands still waving, as he heads south toward the front of the house. And here I thought I was kidless this week...


  1. cool writing "cave" Anita. i always enjoy seeing pictures about where you live and what you see. had to laugh at your last thought about being kidless - i doubt you ever will be since i've discovered hubby's can be just as much a kid as the ones chronologically so.
    anyhoo, dropping by to say hi!


  2. Hey Deb, you've got that right! As your pregnancy progresses, you'll see that your hubby needs more attention, too. LOL.

    Nice visiting with you again.

  3. I love your sunroom, Anita. :) It's a lovely writing spot, but as you noted, not so much a "cave".

    How warm is August in your parts? We are having a very cool summer here, highs in the 80s only if we're very lucky. Being an uncouth American, I don't know what that is celsius...sorry. Anyway, I'm hoping for a HOT August..I love the heat!

    (Hey, do you have air conditioning where you are? It's funny. If you go about three hours north of us, hardly anyone has it. Especially in the Upper Penisula of's almost unheard of. Summer highs in the 70s with very cool nights all year long).

    God bless today. I love your blog!

  4. Hey Gwen. I'd love to have weather in the high 80's which is anything over 25 here. And no, you're not uncouth for not knowing celsius. You can't imagine how many older people still use F. The younger generation was raised metric.

    Some people have A/C but that's mostly in the cities where they have lots of pavement and brick to absorb the heat. Out on the prairies where we live, our ceiling fans generally get the air stirred up. Mind you, we have one in each bedroom as well as dining and living rooms. Usually, we only have 3 days tops with are uncomfortable to sleep in due to the heat.

    Thanks for visiting me. Looking forward to seeing you in Denver.


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