Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hole in the Wall Gang

This past Sat I had to pack up and move my writing cave. I didn't want to because I'd stashed a lot of books, papers, desk supplies, etc in the armoire but when I sat down to write and the carpet beneath my feet was wet, I knew it wasn't good. So, I packed up my cave and set the stuff on the other side of the living room.

There'd been a smell like a dirty ashtray for weeks but I couldn't pin it down.
Once we moved the love seat away from the wall I was amazed at how wet the carpet was back there.

We moved my now empty writing armoire out into the sunroom since there wasn't anywhere in the house for it.

Then Nelson started looking for the leak. In the first one, you can't see the floor much because there's a piece of wallboard paper on the floor. He started searching before I had a chance to grab my camera.

This photo is the back of the wallboard closest to where the leaking pipe was located. Everytime we showered, a small portion of water would spray out.

When he stripped off the wallboard, he was able to cut this hole out between the studs. The leaking pipe is behind the insulation

We've been spraying with disinfectant but still the mold worries me.

So, this is what my writing cave corner looks like at this time. The hole is about 4 square ft with the bathtub (the black thing) showing on the right side. The studs are wet, the carpet is wet, and probably the subfloor beneath the carpet. And because the field mice are already looking for winter homes, we have a mouse trap to stop any of them from thinking of sneaking up through our unfinished basement.

And my cave...'s gotta me the sunniest cave around. My writing armoire's been moved into the sunroom. In this photo, it's hiding on the left. But I can't write there because when I look at my laptop monitor, all I see is the glare from the windows behind me.

So, I'm writing on the table and bringing my electronics into the dry house at night. We might be on the prairies, but it gets damp out there at dusk which is around 8-9 these evenings.

Hopefully the insurance adjuster will show up soon...


  1. YUCK, that stinks.
    And not healthy. I hope all is well soon and you can return to the cave!

  2. Hey Debra - me too. And you're right - it's a horrible smell. Thank goodness for Lysol spray and Febreeze. The insurance guy called and wanted to come tomorrow but I've got a mammogram scheduled and can't he isn't coming out until Friday. Yuck. But must be a reason in there somewhere.

    Thanks for visiting, Inky. :)

  3. Oh Anita! That's horrible. I'm just so glad that you and the dh know how to fix it! I'd be sunk. By the time I had finished researching everything it would have been a swamp in there. LOL.

    But ya know? I like the sunny cave...

  4. Hey Kel, I like my sunny cave, too although it's too sunny in the mornings to work out there. (Hard to see the monitor.)

    I've been following your travels and praying for your safe trip. Thanks for visiting.


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