Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rip and Dry

This blog is a sequel to another blogpost where I explained about water leaking into the living room.

The insurance adjuster took one look at the small hole in the wall Nelson had made to find the leak and told us to get a crew to rip the damaged area out.

In this pic, you see the crew in the midst of tearing out all the moldy wallboard insulation on the living room side.

You can see the wet floor in this photo.

In the bathroom they ripped up the vinyl flooring as well as pulled all the old tiles off the walls.

Once all the ruined stuff was ripped out, they put an industrial sized dehumidifier in the living room to suck up all the mosture.

Then they put a blower in the bathroom at floor level. It was kind of weird, actually because while sitting on the throne, the blower would blow all this cool air between the toilet and the seat right at your butt. Different.

Both of these machines stayed on 24/7 until Friday at which time the rip out guy came back. He used a moisture meter to test about a dozen spots on each side and then declared the area dry. He took his equipment with him when he left. Sure was quiet after they left.

That left us with a humongous hole in the wall. (About 20 sq ft)

The hardwood floor is clear but paint splotched.

This is what our bathroom looks like now.

We can't use the shower because we can't get the walls wet. We can use the bathtub as long as we don't splash.

We've put the rugs back on the floor for comfort.

And this is how it looks in the living room. We're just using shower curtains for privacy because we have to allow easy access to the damaged pipes.
So the schedule now is that we wait for 2 different companies to do an estimate on replacement costs.
And then we wait for the insurance company to pick one.
Apparently, it will be up to 2 months before our bathroom is restored.Oh yay.


  1. Hoo boy, Anita

    Quite the details on the wonderful water damage. I feel for you and the family being inconvenienced for so long. Perhaps you can glean some writing material out of this event.

    I'm keeping you in my prayers (along with continued healing/well-being for your tooth incident. I'll pray that the insurance people don't drag their feet in helping you get things repaired and that the workers who do the fixing will be very skilled and professional too.

  2. Hey Deb, thank you so much for the prayers. I am blessed to have friends like you praying for us far across the distance.

    In our 30+ yrs of marriage we've never had any insurance claim like this. Usually we just fix everything ourselves. But in this case, where it's so noticeable, we figured we might as well claim it. Otherwise, why pay for insurance. But I guess if you want to play the game, you have to follow the game schedule. *sigh

    Take care of your little one. Prayers for you too.

  3. Oh, man, that's harsh. Although the bum dehumidifyer could have saved you quite a bit in bathroom paper.

    I just love the peekaboo green toilet drape. Not.

  4. Hey Kel, I'd rather spend the money. LOL

    I don't mind the 'peekaboo' wall. As we were putting it up, I told the boys they could peek all they want but to remember...if they peeked at us, I was going to take photos of them and post them on Facebook. Lots of their friends are my friends on Facebook. :)

    They had horrified looks on their faces because they know I always carry out my threats. So far, no voyeurs. :)


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