Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer is Half Over!

It was August 1st yesterday. In theory, the summer is half over. In my mind, the weather has cheated me. The only good thing I can say about our weather this summer is that the lack of heat is allowing for a longer bloom time on the canola plants. More blooms equal more seed pods which equal more seeds which equal more money for the farmers. And us since we rent out our land and only receive rent money when the crop is sold, we want the canola to grow well.

View from our church looking North.

I love it when the farmers grow the blue flax beside the yellow canola. Surely a feast for the eyes of any planes over the prairies at this time of year.

I picked up the little guy from the ranch yesterday so he's back home with us.

The older guy is touring the province as part of the Street Invaders mission team. He'll be gone another 2 weeks.

Jessie is flying across the Atlantic Ocean enroute Scotland as I write this. She's with another Street Invaders mission team.

It doesn't matter where they go. Homeless kids are everywhere.


I won the free use of a Sony eReader until the end of Sept so I'm putting it through it's paces. I'll be posting my initial review any day now but I'll give you a hint... I like it.

I'm behind in the book reviews but hoping to catch up soon.


I'm working on Silent Keeper which is an inspirational romantic suspense. My goal is to pitch it at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Denver in mid Sept. Wow, that's coming soon. I have to find a widget to put on my blog here to remind me of the passing time.

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