Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Young Adventurers

It's been 10 days since all my kids went adventuring. Since then the youngest has returned from Circle Square Ranch and is enjoying being the only child.

On Sat, Jessie flew across the Atlantic Ocean enroute a Street Invaders Missions Trip in Scotland. I received an email from her yesterday. They had a 12 hr layover in London and went to see Buckingham Palace. They're in Inverness this week, then travel to Edinburgh for the next week. Somewhere in that schedule, they're going to go swimming in loch ness.

Yesterday, I received a text message from Nick as well. Also on a Street Invaders Mission Trip, we thought he was touring Saskatchewan but when we went to church on Sunday, we found out he'd been sent to Brooks, Alberta. His text simply said he was in Brooks. Gone for 1.5 wks now, this is the longest and farthest he's been from home by himself.

Please pray for the safety and well-being of all the kids and leaders on these mission trips. Thank you.

So, how far have your kids strayed from home? How old were they the first time they traveled afar on their own?


  1. as you know, no children yet. but i wandered from home at the tender age of thirteen - all the way to Israel for a summer. i went with the organization Teen Missions. my mom put me in God's hands and sent me letters with little sticks of gum in them along with the cartoon section of the newspaper. all the other kids on the team were jealous *grin*
    mom was such a good example of trusting God to take care of her children. i think you show that faith as well. you must be so proud of your kids - as well you should be.
    i'm hoping i do as well with little Guppy.

  2. Hey Deb, my mom used to send us a stick of gum in a letter the summer we stayed at Mama's house (Finnish grandmother). Isn't that precious! You must've shown maturity at that age for your mom to let you go. Last year I wouldn't have let Nick go but he's matured so much this year I couldn't not let him go. He's becoming a real warrior for the Light.

    Yes, I'm very proud of my kids. And missing them, too. When I jiggled my mouse this am, I saw that Jess had been on FB at 4 am and said, 'Hi, Mommy'. Awh. And I missed her!

    At least we can text Nick in AB.

    Thanks for the visit. :) Email on the way.


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