Thursday, September 17, 2009

Denver Update: Thurs

I started working the reg'n desk at 7 am and stayed there most of the day. So many people to greet. It was fantastic putting 3D images to facebook photos.

The highlight of my day was when I finally met Gwen, my critique partner of 2 yrs. :D

We sat for our first large session (540 of us) for supper. Debbie Macomber then gave the keynote address. She's a terrific speaker and yes, I cried when she choked up. Her speech was on her writing journey. It was great! So inspiring.

9 pm saw me at the Steeple Hill chat. Then, I scurried down here to the lobby to post this.

Breakfast tomorrow is with the Steeple Hill authors and on-line friends who go on the Steeple Hill boards.

My agent appt is tomorrow morning at 11:30. Yikes!

Since we must be seated by 7:30 for breakfast, I'm heading up to bed now. More updates when I get the chance.

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