Friday, September 4, 2009

End of Month Update

I know you’re all waiting with bated breath for this report so hang onto your chair because here it comes…


- Inkwell Inspirations, my new group block went online Aug 31st. It a group of Christian writers but the content isn't just about writing. It's about life. We're giving away daily prizes and then 2 grand prizes at the end of Oct - one for writers and one for readers. Leave a comment and throw your name in the hat.

- submitted When You Least Expect It to the Southern Heat contest

- worked on Silent Keeper. This book is going a lot slower than I wanted but at least it’s moving forward and I’m basically keeping to the plotting chart

- did not work on Marry Me Ma’am. I wanted to but trying to get ready for ACFW conference in Denver in Sept has taken precedence as well as getting Jessie ready for college. Oh yeah, and we can't forget the tear down in the living room (see below)

- because of the damage in the living room, my writing cave is still in the sunroom. I love it out there! Especially now that we've been getting gorgeous harvest weather. The ambiance from the quiet and trees really helps me write. And with school starting on Tues, I'll get more writing accomplished.


- Gave away a free book to someone who identified a phot0. I’m thinking of a new giveaway and will throw all names in a bucket for this one. Stay tuned.

- Rec’d a free Debbie Macomber book from eHarlequin for putting Debbie’s badge on this blog last June. Actually, Debbie is the keynote speaker at the ACFW conference this year and I’m thinking I might get her to autograph this book and then I’ll give it away here. Any interest in a contest here with an autographed Debbie Macomber book as a prize?


- haven’t done much reading lately. I have lots of books on the Sony 505 eReader which I’m test driving and must give back by the end of this month but I’m concentrating on my writing.


- Nelson drives Jessie to Calgary today to start classes. My baby is leaving us. :=(

- large 4'x5' hole still in wall between living room and kitchen. We’ve had one estimate done but insurance company wants another. Finally managed to corral an electrican to move the outlet which was sitting 4 inches from the broken water pipe, but haven’t got a plumber yet. So far black plumbing tape is keeping the water at bay when we have a bath. Did you hear that – a bath – shower is inoperative since we’re down to bare walls in the bathroom. Two shower curtains draped over the hole in the wall provides privacy. So far. Trust me, it’s a humbling experience. So far we’ve bought a new tub, picked out new carpeting for living room and hallway, and picked out new vinyl for bathroom. Just today hubby and I went into city to pick wallpaper for the wall where a 4'x4' section is open to bare boards. Took 2 trips to Home Depot because I couldn't decide. Finally picked one I'd always wanted but never dared because we knew we'd have to sell the house (military career). Since we'll be here on the farm for many years to come, I finally picked . Strange that hubby kept saying he didn't want to help choose but when I showed him this cranberry one, his eyes lit up and he said, "Yes!" :)

And that's what's happening at Draper's Acres these days.


  1. Anita, I think you win the prize for "Busy Writer-Blogger-Mom-Wife" (in no particular order) with all you have accomplished and endured this past month. Don't think I'd have taken the same calm approach you have throughout the bathroom calamity.

    Yesterday was a pretty busy day here, which I didn't include in my comment on Janet's blog today, but I will mention it to you because it was the reason I didn't get around to commenting on your excellent information on contests over on Prairie Chicks. I am staying with my granddaughter in Calgary, and in her parents' absence, drove her to the dentist for two fillings and four(!) extractions -- all her wisdom teeth. So then I played nursemaid the rest of the day as she had to take things pretty easy. She's moving around more today, but not to school. Thank goodness we have the long weekend now.

    Anyway, thanks for the very useful info yesterday, and you've impressed me with the summary of your month. (And yes, I would be interested in a Debbie Macomber book, but if you get it autographed, how could you give it away?)

  2. Helena, I remember when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I had to keep my jaw closed with pressure but it was so tiring. I actually tied an old worn towel around my head with the knot at the top like they do in the cartoons. I looked so funny but it sure helped.

    I'm sure you would have handled something like my bathroom calamity with calmness, too. I mean, what can you do, really? Crying doesn't help. And it's going to look marvelous when it's all done. Can't wait to actually sit in a tub where the water comes to my waist. Our current tub is 15" high but the new one is 21.5". I'm so excited. :)

    And about the Debbie Macomber book, I have so many autographed books that I've read and they just sit there. And this one is her new release. It will be a real nice gift for someone. Since I started using the eReader, I have a different take on print books. I mean why hoard them? It's not like I can take them with me when I 'go'. LOL

    Thanks for the visit Helena. Enjoy your visit in Calgary.


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