Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wild, Wonderful Wyoming!

Today was the day I followed Emma's ride in my Outlaw story. I'm not posting those photos here, however, because I need them for my Thurs Prairie Chick post. But I recorded many other photos for you. Here's a pic of the the Laramie Mountains from the local McDonald's parking lot. This is what you'd see if you looked south from the city of Casper.

A typical sight in Wyoming are these piles of boulders just lying there in the middle of a field. It always makes me wonder what formation they were before they fell.

Honestly, you can't go 2 miles without spotting a heard of a dozen or so pronghorn antelopes. They are a real menace on the Wyoming roads and I see them eating the farmer's fields which appears to be a luxury in this semi-arid state.

Wyoming reminded me of the biblical wilderness. Forlorn windmills like this one dot the state:

This memorial and an information sign are all that mark the route of the Bozeman trail.

I thought a butte was a flat topped hill. Nobody told me it was 20 times wider than it's height. This is a picture of one of the 'Pumpkin' Buttes.

The Big Horn Mountains are on your left as you travel north from Casper

Many of the roads and highways in Wyoming are made from the abundance of red dirt.

These topless hoodoos remind me of Mount Rushmore.

As I crossed the state line into Montana, the land became fit for farming again but always in the background were the mountains.

This tree was stark white and dead when I saw it just before sundown. I guess it hid in the shadows by the time I got my camera out:

Well, that's it for this day. Tomorrow I'll make my way across Montana, hopefully arriving home before nightfall.


  1. very cool pictures Anita. i've really enjoyed them since that area is where I grew up. DIdn't spend a lot of time in Wyoming, but summer camps were always fun.

  2. Thanks, Deb. Just think... some day you'll have a camper and take Guppy on a summer trip and show him/her all the places you remember. I love looking at familiar things through my children's eyes. :)

  3. These are astounding. They really enrich my imagination! Thanks.

  4. Hey Susanne, I sure like that word, 'enrich'. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Thanks.


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