Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jessie in Calgary

Early Friday morning, Nelson and Jessie left for the 8 hr drive to Calgary. I gave her the Sony eReader I'm test driving so she could read enroute without lugging around extra books.

Here she is registering for The Edge program at Rocky Mountain Bible College.

Instead of staying the night, Nelson drove back - and forgot Jess had my eReader.



  1. oops... (tho' the situation caused me a grim chuckle)

    that's going to be a long drive to retrieve the eReader - or will you attempt a special delivery alternate.

    congrats on sending your eldest off to college. i'm sure she will discover just how smart her parents really are. college was when i discovered just how wise my mom was.

  2. I haven't time to get it since I'm heading to the American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference in Denver in a week. A week! Squeeee!!!
    I was supposed to mail it enroute on my way down.

    The thing is, Sony has my credit card nbr and will charge me $150 US/185 Cdn if I don't return it. So of course, the question then is, do I want to just keep it?

    The very same model is selling in our Sears catalogue for $299 Cdn/250 US. (mine is refurbished) Still, it's a terrific deal.

    But it's not back lit and that's a major consideration for me.

    Sony has come out with 2 new ones (200 and 300 US). One is back lit.

    I have to send back by midnight Sep 30th. :(

    Do you think the decision's been taken out of my hands? Nelson said he texted Jess to mail it. I'll just have to wait and see...

    And I had sooooo many books on there, too!

    I sure hope she discovers how smart her parents are while she's gone. LOL Of course, she's always thought her dad hung the moon... :)

  3. you'll love Denver. that's my home town. mom lives there and my older brother lives about 45 min North, younger brother lives 2 hrs north near Greeley. He's in farming/beef area there.

    I love the view of the mountains and the almost always sunny weather. I really miss it at times. Do you know where you're staying?

    Have fun at the conference!!! I'm a tad envious that you'll be there in my hometown and I won't.

  4. p.s.
    Godspeed on the mailing of the eReader. i certainly hope it gets back in time so you don't end up inadvertently purchasing a version you aren't fully thrilled with.

    adventures in Motherhood, eh?

  5. The conference is being held in the Denver Marriott Tech Center which is where I'll be staying as well. Other than the conference itself, I'm thrilled that I'll finally meet my critique partner. She's fm Michigan and we'll be roomies. I'm just so excited.

    Of course I'd be happier if I had a chance to meet you too, but that will have to wait. I'm sure that will come sometime in our future.

    And speaking of motherhood... 2 months left. You must be hot and bothered these days, eh. Keep your spirits up, it does end.

    btw - are you on FB yet? If we were friends there, you could call on me to chat if you needed to talk to someone.

    Anyway, praying for God's touch upon you and your little one.


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