Friday, September 18, 2009

Good News, Bad News & God News in Denver

This was a bad day-good day for me in Denver. I've been suffering from lack of sleep but actually slept for 4 hrs in a stretch last night. That was good news.

More good news was the Steeple Hill breakfast. I brought Gwen, my critique partner and roomie and we shared an enjoyable buffet with Margaret Daley, Missy Tippins, Cheryl Wyatt, Ginny Aiken, Laurie Kingery, Danica Favorite and Camy Tang. Unfortunately my camera batteries were dead and I didn't get photos. Eeep!

After breakfast, I had a 'God' moment. It started when I realized I didn't feel like attending the morning session I'd signed up for because I would have to leave part way to make my agent appointment. Margaret Daley said she didn't mind if I went in and out of hers since everyone else was going to be going for appts as well.

I needed to run off some papers in the business centre and by the time I finished, the morning sessions had started. I decided I should do some praying before my appt so I headed to the prayer room. But, a funny thing happened when I got there. I 'felt' like I shouldn't be there but should check at the registration desk to see if I was needed.

So, I turned around and headed there. I was about to take the short cut past some classrooms but again, I 'felt' like I should take the long way through the lobby. I did. When I got to the reg'n desk, I told Michelle whom I'd worked with as a volunteer yesterday that I 'felt' like I should check to see if I was needed. Holding a handheld radio, she gave me a funny look and said she had the perfect job for me. I said I'd take it. She spoke in the radio, said she was sending a volunteer down and directed me to the ballroom where all our meals are eaten. As soon as I walked in, a lady at the back started waving her arms. Turns out 3 publishers sent about 1500 books for free distribution and it was decided by the higher-ups to tie a string around them - 2 to a pak. The 2 ladies there were so thankful I'd shown up! Now here's a confirmation that it was a 'God' thing . . . I took the short cut this time and guess what . . . I passed the classroom where Margaret Daley was teaching. So, if I had taken that route instead of going the long way, I would have just stopped in and not gone on to the registration desk. And those ladies wouldn't have had my willing hands for that hour.

For the past year, I've deliberated on whether I need an agent at this stage of my writing journey. I thought I might so I made an agent appt. But today, at the appt, the agent said I wasn't ready for one and to keep in touch. Still, it was a downer.

Lunch followed. It was one of the special ones where an agent, editor or successful author sat at each table and you had a chance to pitch to them. I wandered around unsure where I should sit. I didn't feel compelled to sit anywear. I passed friends. I even sat at one table but got up and left because it didn't 'feel' right. And then as I passed this one editor's table, I decided to sit. When the meal was over, the editor started around the table asking each of us what we were working on. When it was my turn, I handed over my one-sheet for OUTLAW. She actually read the whole thing, smiling in a couple places. When she finished it, she said it was only 70,000 words and they like 90-100,000. I made the stretching motion and said I could make it longer. She grinned and said good. Then she said it was exactly what they were looking for and to contact her after the conference to request their onesheet/guidelines. Not only was this thrilling, but it sure felt like another 'God-thing'. :)

Anyway, I still have one more session tonight before the Harp and Bowl Worship session so I'm closing off now. God is so good.


  1. Hey Anita! It sure sounds to me like sitting at that particular editor's table was a God-thing. It sounds like your one-sheet paid off. Great job! Continue to enjoy the conference, and thanks for the report.

  2. Anita, this is exciting news! I am so happy for you. Lots of blessings!

    It is a bummer about that agent, but that person must just not have been God's best for you. He has someone (or something) else in mind.

    God bless you and enjoy the rest of your time there!

  3. hey Anita
    i'm thrilled that you're so good at following the "God moment" clues. that's as impressive as the fact that the editor was so encouraging to you after reading your one sheet at dinner.

    i'll keep praying for you to continue to have more "God-moments".


  4. Thank you ladies. Really, really wish you could've joined us here but it's over for another year. Next one will be in Indianapolis. Now that' far from me but closer to some of you, eh.

    I just posted lots of pics and an update. More good news. :)

    Shutting down my laptop and heading north. Talk to you soon.


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