Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Made a Website!

I just had to tell you!

I started working on a website for my church in Glenavon, SK this past Monday morning and I finally put it on-line a few hrs ago! That's just over 4 days to get the job done using a 3rd party template and working with the html coding.

I would've been finished earlier on Friday except Book in a Week (BIAW) started with the Saskatchewan Romance Writers (SRW) so I had to write. It was only tonight when I returned from the city that I went back to working on the website. I only have the blog and the sunrise photo links working and I will add the other web pages later on because I'll be working on Emma's story for the rest of this week.

Yeah, I know the website and blog colors don't match but they will - at a later date - and it'll be the blue, not  the orange.

Also, you might see ads popping up and that's because I'm still working with our host, Bravenet to give us the best price possible.
Okay, it's late, gotta go to bed.


  1. congrats Lady!

    at first quick gander - looks good!
    happy writing on Emma this week too.
    FYI posted a couple pix on eHarl of Nathaniel

    again, nice work on the website...KUDOS

  2. Awesome news, Anita! I'll have to check it out. I'm thinking about you today. Stay well and take care, okay? God bless!

  3. looked at the website a bit more. again, nice job! i think the church members will be very happy with it - even with the long wait for it.

    KUDOS to you Anita on a site well started.

  4. Good job, Anita!!!
    You did a lot of work.

  5. Thank you ladies, I appreciate you coming over and saying it.

    I'll get back to your blogs next week when I crawl out of my cave. :)

  6. Anita - What a great Blog spot!
    I signed up a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I have been here.
    I really like the bookshelves - and the blogs!
    If I am going to the meeting today (and I am dragging my heels because of the weather and because I am depressed)I have to get the show on the road. I have to set up the altar for communion (Anglican) first, and clean the chapel (which hasn't had a speck of dust in 100 years) Hate doing something for no reason, but "It has always been done this way...."
    Is this spring, summer or Kentucky?
    Anyway, Saskatchewan weather or not, I will be back here frequently.
    p.s. I started target shooting when I was 10 and I wanted to be just like Annie (real, not movie version). I am pretty good, about .01 as good as she was, but I do have a Canadian Bronze medal. Did you do any shooting when you were in the military? Which branch by the way?

  7. Thank you, Connie. Yes, I really like the Shelfari bookshelves but they are in dire need of updating. I’m very much behind on my reviewing since I went down to the conference in Denver back in Sept. In case you’re interested, Shelfari is like Goodreads – they’re like social networks (ie Facebook) for readers but without the status updates.

    A Canadian Bronze medal? Cool! I qualified on the FNC1 rifle, the FNC2 semi-automatic and the SMG (sub-machine gun) with my time in the CAF. I wasn’t very good except for the 75 yd shots … or was that the 25 yard? LOL

    When I joined the CAF it was a unified armed forces and we all wore green with berets or caps. Then in the 80’s, the powers in charge decided to split up the CAF into 3 branches again. We were given the option of what branch we wanted. Both hubby and I picked Air Force. We were given blue uniforms with a wedge as the headgear and posted to CFB Moose Jaw. From then on until we retired, all our postings were on air bases except when we served in Ottawa. Thank you for asking.

    It’s nice to see you back here. I appreciate that as well as your kind words.


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