Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Tote, Text and Pain

Okay, so this is not the way I envisioned 2010 to start by any stretch of my over-active imagination.

I hurt. I can't bend, cough, laugh or sneeze without pain shooting up. And it's my own fault although I'm taking a page out of hubby's book and blaming someone esle - namely him!

It started last Saturday when we were in the city to visit relatives. Jessie was due to fly back to Calgary on Mon and needed some things so we went shopping first. Because I was suffering from a cold, I decided to stay in the van with the boys. Jessie went across the parking lot looking for shoes and Nelson went into Walmart. After a couple minutes, I remembered that Jessie needed a tote so she could bring all the kitchen stuff she received for Christmas. A box of dishes and a coffee machine isn't something you want in your suitcase when flying these days. And anyway, Crystal was in the same predicament a couple years ago. We put all her extras in a tote and bussed it to her via Greyhound. No problem. Or so I thought.

So I sent this text to Nelson via my new cell phone:

Buy a tote we can use to bus Jessie's dishes, etc to her

Nelson responded with: Will check

Satsified, I settled down to read a book. Several minutes passed and then the following texts were exchanged between hubby and I:
Nelson: Purple ok
Me: Sure
Nelson: 50 bucks
Me: Whaddya mean? 50 bucks? for a tote?
Nelson: Confused now whats a tote
Me: Where are you?
Nelson: Have a 4 piece tote that has wheels
Nelson: front cash waiting for help
Me: On my way!

I scrambled from the van, intent on catching him before he wasted 50 dollars on something we didn't need especially with Christmas bills coming in. The sunny day sported a temp of about -37C/-35F with the windshield. Head down, I rushed across the pedestrian crosswalk in from of Walmart trying not to hold up the waiting cars. Just a few feet from the curb, it happened...I slipped on ice. My momentum pushed me forward and I fell down upon the curb just under my bra near the bottom of my rib cage. Ouch! It hurt! I dragged myself up, grabbed my snowy purse, and kept rushing toward the doors, only pausing for a second or two to brush snow off my knees. I thought for sure my jeans were ripped but no, nothing. I swept in through the Walmart doors to find Nelson waiting, a purple suitcase in his hand. I shook my head, told him to meet me in 'Plastics' and then went off to nurse my pride.

Of course, this whole scenario comes down to mis-communication which is the bane of most marriages. I thought Nelson would remember how we bussed Crystal her things, just like I assumed he'd know you don't send dishes and a coffee machine in a suitcase.

On the other hand, at church on Sunday, Nelson asked a friend what he thought a tote was. The man answered a suitcase. But the man's wife answered a Rubbermaid tote. I guess it's just one of those, 'Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars' things.

So here I am, 3 days after the fact with sore arms and bruised ribs and knees. It's painful to bend, laugh, sneeze and cough. And I still have my cold although it's waning.

On the bright side, Crystal is safely back in Vancouver and Jessie is safely back in Calgary.  Nelson is working today and it's the boys' first day back at school. Which means for the first time in 2 wks, I am alone.


Due to my ribs, I feel best in a sitting position with my back straight...perfect writing position. Now, back to Emma's story...where was I...oh yes, the night before the big rescue...oh, this is so exciting...

So, how are you starting off the New Year? Happy, anxious, depressed?


  1. Yikes - hope you're feeling better soon, Anita. Sore ribs are not pleasant - even worse with a cold!

    Good luck with Emma - looking forward to hearing your updates :)

  2. I second the 'Yikes' Janet said, Anita. Will pray that your pain be minimized and will heal quickly. I can definitely sympathize with the pain.

    Happy writing on Emma.

    *hugs* (lightly, of course)

  3. Janet and Deb - I'm getting back into the swing of things and the boys are really helping out. Thanks for the prayers and sentiments.

  4. Jack bruised his ribs snowboarding one year. Not. Fun. Hope your recovery is swift!

  5. Thank you Karyn. My sister just phoned and said her hubby cracked one before and he didn't like it either. :(

  6. Anita, hope God heals you--and fast.

    The discipline of "regular" days is what I crave, so I am THRILLED to be out of the holiday "leisure" and back at work.

    Love you, girl!

  7. Oh Anita,
    OUCH! no, Arrgghhhh! Sorry to hear about the fall.
    Keith figures a tote is luggage you carried onto the plane. Now we know they all come from Mars and if they don't behave, its back to the red planet post haste.
    I'm a bit behind here so I have just read about your fall. Hope by now all is well.
    Falls like that are much harder on Anglicans. We kneel everytime we safely got up from the last prayer (of course you don't if you have just done for your ribs). I loved to sing the hymns but I fell one day in our hallway and caught my voice box area on the edge of a table. Mahogany is a hard wood and I can't sing anymore but, I am sure God understands - He may even be grateful.
    Take good care of yourself


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