Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White Winter Photos/Working on BIAW

Today, since I'm busy working on my manuscript, I'll just show you some photos instead of giving you something to read.

I'm hoping to give you a sense of the winter wonderland I live in her at the farm. These photos have all been taking in the last few days. I'm not sure why we're having so many frosted days but the weather has gone from drastically cold to melting in the last week or so which probably has something to do with it.

Natural glitter at its finest.

Anyway, here's a feast for your eyes, all taken in or at the edge of the yard beside the shelterbelt.

I think this bird is a grackle sitting in the weeping birch.

I like this photo not only because of the sun in the trees, but for the way the shadows splay out from the base of them.


  1. Great pics, Anita. The last one would be great on The Prairie blog!

    Hope revisions are coming along well :)

  2. happy writing Anita!
    beautiful pictures too, definitely a winter wonderland
    thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks, Anita, for sharing the pictures that bring back happy memories of when the days at your farm were a little warmer.


    Judy & Dad

  4. Beautiful photos, Anita. I love snow scenes - in photographs and in books!


  5. Hey Janet, if you want to use it - go ahead. You should be able to right click, copy, save and resize it.

    Yes, I'm all fired up about my revisions, thanks. :)

  6. Deb and Carla - thank you!

    Yes, beautiful snow - too bad you have to shovel the stuff. You know what's funny... I love the snow in December. But come January, I want it gone! :)

  7. Hey Judy and Dad - a little warmer? That's an understatement. LOL

    So how's the weather down in Florida this time of year?

    Hey - did you feel any tremors from the Haiti earthquake?

    Love you both, Anita.


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