Saturday, January 9, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

Some of you may have seen these pics at Prairie Chicks Write Romance on Thurs when I blogged about the  Photoshop software program I received for Christmas, but for the benefit of those who didn't, I'm showing them again...because I'm still amazed...

I took this shot of the Sacred Heart church in Montmarte from the Library window this past Dec. I loved the shot until I downloaded it onto my laptop and saw all the power lines. You can even see the reflection of yellow words if you look in the area between the power pole and the arched church window.

And if you think you saw it before, you did - on my Dec 14 post.

But once I got Photoshop for Christmas, I was able to remove all those things I didn't like in the photo.

Christmas card, anyone?


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  2. Thank you, Edwyn. I'll be sure to check it out the next time I need party supplies. :)

  3. Wonderful picture! I'm hoping to get photoshop soon. I love playing with photography and graphic design.


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