Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunrise Sun Dog Pics

A few days ago I posted some photos of a Sun Dog and asked you to pick which one you liked best. It's the post below this one or you can go here.

Yesterday morning I looked out my kitchen window and a glorious sunrise Sun Dog awaited me. Still in my striped fleece pajamas, I slipped into a hooded sweater, coat, boots, hat and gloves and went out to see what the new day would bring.

I almost reached our farm sign when I stopped to take this photo.

The wind razed my cheeks once I passed the shelterbelt but this glorious scene awaited me. Good morning!

Just a couple hours later, I looked out my front door and the Sun Dog was still there although more to the south, now.

Again, I dressed in outwear and took that long walk down past the shelterbelt. I wanted to show a photo that would simulate the Arctic.

At the end of our driveway is this small grouping of trees. You can see them smaller on the left of the second photo above.

Have you entered my contest yet?  You can enter by leaving a comment on my first sun dog post or you can leave one here. And if you leave a comment on both posts, you get your name entered twice.

You have until Jan 31st to enter for a chance to win a copy of Midnight Marriage by Victoria Bylin. It's a Harlequin Historical so it's not an inspirational book although Vicky is writing for Steeple Hill's Love Inspired Historical line now. Vicky is one of my favourite authors and I've ended up with 2 of these books. Both have been read but this is the better copy in very good condition.

And if I don't know you, please leave your email address with (at) and [dot] so the net spammers can't find it.

For those of you seeing this on my Facebook page, if you want to enter there, rattle my chain somehow because I keep forgetting about it and I wouldn't want to miss your entry.

Because it seems so many people haven't seen a Sun Dog, I'm going to cross-post this on my eHarl blog as well. That means they'll be entering for the draw - but it also means if any of you are eHarl members, you can go over there to get another entry.

So, are you tired of looking at Sun Dogs, yet? Got a favourite?


  1. i love your eye for nature's beauty Anita. i think my favorites this time around are the last two. i think you captured the arctic feel that you were going for with the one picture. the last picture i like because the bend of the trees almost curve just like the sun dog - very cool.

    how goes Emma writing? praying for good creative flow for you there.

  2. I love the rich color in the first three, but for the sun dog, I like the last one best!

  3. Hey there Deb and JV, thanks for your picks. I like the last one, too because of the way the tree seems to be bowing toward the sun. And my next fav is the stark reality one because it seems so unnatural.

    Emma's story is going good but I keep getting distracted by the beauty outside my window and then have to go and record it. LOL

    Thank you ladies, I've put your names in the hat. :)

  4. You really have an eye for photography, Inkie! I like the first sundog, kinda the shock of something like that coming over the horizon.


  5. Hi Anita, In this group of photos, #3 and #5 are my favorites. Amazing pictures--all of them.

    aka sheandeen

  6. I like the last one "bestest".

    Now get back to work!

  7. More marvellous pix, Anita! I already picked my favourite out of your first post. But today I can't resist commenting again. Why? Because I saw that fantastic sun dog display yesterday, too.

    It was just before noon, and it was so mesmerising! There was almost a complete ring around the sun, connecting those stunning sun dogs. I'd say it was the most spectacular display I've ever seen, and you captured it very well.

    (Another chance in your draw is good, too!)

  8. Patti - you're right - it sure adds a certain extra to the morning.

    Nancy - 3 and 5, eh? I'm with you. I don't know if it's the lonely starkness or what, but they draw me in, too.

    Deb - you know, that last one is one of those things that I snapped as I walked by because it caught my eye but when I upload it... wow, I love the way the branches are bowing with the ring. Good eye, girl.

    Helena - I only have a small Luminx camera so even if I did see a complete ring, I wouldn't be able to get a photo of it as I'm taking shots at the widest angle I can now. The Sun Dogs are just such a huge display of a natural event!

    Thanks Ladies, got all your names.


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