Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Six White Boomers

I was just at Aussie reader, AusJenny's blog where she interviews author Julie Lessman. If you leave a comment about your favourite carol or Christmas movie before Friday Dec 10th 6 pm Aussie time, you have a chance to win a free Julie Lessman book.

That got me thinking about my favourite Christmas songs and one in particular has amused us for years. It's by Aussie Rolf Harris and it's called Six White Boomers...

Listening to Christmas carols has always gotten me in the Christmas spirit and songs like this are plain fun when I'm down in the doldrums while I house clean. (shudder) LOL


  1. Oh thanks for that Anita Mae, I must admit I do like that song being an aussie. singing a song like let it snow, let it snow, let it snow just dont sound right here!
    there is another I love to which is fun Christmas where the gum trees grow.
    I do love christmas carols too.

  2. Hey Jenny, I always wondered what you Aussies sang at Christmas. It'd be like me singing about the heat. LOL

    One thing I noticed this morning... I believe the video I linked to on your site shows Santa sitting in a bar. Yikes! It was supposed to be this one but I wasn't able to change it. Hopefully no one will notice. Ha!

    Anita Mae.


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