Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Book Signing Bash

A wonderful opportunity to buy autographed books on-line is happening now until Dec 7th:

75 Inspirational authors have gotten together for this historic virtual book-signing. All you have to do is click on the picture here which will send you to the site where you'll have loads of books to choose from in a variety of genres.  
Pick a book, pay for it, and receive an autographed copy in the mail. Or send one to someone for Christmas. Easy peasey.

Crystal Anne Draper
It's December 2 so before I sign off, I need to send a Happy Birthday out to Crystal Anne Draper, my No #1 daughter who is 32 yrs old today. Wow! Where have the years gone.

Hope you can make it home for Christmas, honey. We sure miss you around here.


  1. you have a 32 year old daughter? you do not look old enough. Crystal looks beautiful as well. I hope she gets to be home for Christmas. i know i'm looking forward to being in Colorado for Christmas with my family this year. Christmas is my favorite holiday - for many reasons.


  2. Yes, Deb. I have a 32 yr old daughter. Shh. :D She's lovely on the inside as well - always with a ready smile for everyone.

    You're spending Christmas in colorado? Why, that's only a 2 day drive from me. Tempting. :D


    Anita Mae.


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