Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Me & Christmas Song Spotlight: On a Snowy Christmas Night

Today is my 34th anniversary (yikes!) and I'm blogging about our courtship at the Inkwell today. With that in mind, today's Christmas Song Spotlight is On a Snowy Christmas Night by Elvis with videos of Elvis and his family. The youtube starts slow, but the words embody so much of what I feel today.

Hubby's taking me away for a few hours but I'll check in later when I get back.


  1. Oh, happy anniversary and Merry Christmas to one of my favorite writer friends.

    (We married in 1977, you ancient ones!!:))

  2. Hey Patti, I missed this in all the excitement. :D

    You married in 77? Then yes, you're a year ahead of me... unless you married in Jan of 77 and then it'd be only a month. Haha

    But I feel young and don't equate myself to the woman in the mirror.

    Merry Christmas, Patti. So very happy for your blessings this year and pray for your continued success.

    Anita Mae.


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