Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: He is Born by Sawyer Brown

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Saywer Brown singing He is Born in their own church. I first saw this video on TV a couple year's ago and never forgot the unbridled passion of this group's enthusiasm for their song.

I can't believe I found this video! This says it all for this Christmas Day 2010.

Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Love Came Down at Christmas

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Love Came Down at Christmas written and sung by Jars of Clay.

I really like the sound of this band.

Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for joining me on my Christmas Spotlight Series.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Mary Did You Know?

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Mary Did You Know? sung by Mark Lowry of the Gaither Family fame.

If you want to see the live version of Mark singing his signature song, check me out on Facebook.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Faith Fiction at the Inkwell: The Shepherd

I have a short piece of inspirational romance over at the Inkwell today called The Shepherd.

And if you think you've read it before, you may have read the secular version I posted at Prairie Chicks Write Romance last year.

This Inkwell version is a faith-filled story of hope and promise.

Which reminds me... I have to apologize to 3 authors for my 2009 book review of The Magic of Christmas which I received as a free copy.

I believe I did a disservice to Carolyn Davidson when I wrote: The first novella, however was written by Carolyn Davidson. a new author to me. I have to say I wonder what the editors were thinking when they put her novella first in this anthology. Why? Because I expected something Christmassy with love and forgiveness - especially after looking at the gorgeous cover with a young couple holding a baby. But, the first novella starts with disease, death and was depressing to me. I actually wondered why I was reading it.

Ever since I wrote that review I've questioned myself. Rarely do stories start with the 'happily ever after'. And even the biblical story of Jesus' birth starts with strife when Joseph is faced with the news that his betrothed is pregnant and not by him - a condition which could have led to Mary being stoned if he decided to press the issue.

With each story I read and wrote this past year, I thought about the words I'd written about Carolyn's novella, 'A Christmas Child'. Yes, it starts with disease and death, but that's because the heroine is at a low point in her life when we pick up her story. We need to know what she went through so we can appreciate her emotional state as new events unfold.

So, I'm sending out an apology to Carolyn Davidson, Victoria Bylin and Cheryl St. John who are the 3 co-authors of The Magic of Christmas. And I'm telling the rest of you that if you enjoy reading secular historicals for a feel-good feeling, this book is certainly one you should read.

Please leave a comment if you have anything to say about this post or my inspirational romance at the Inkwell.

Christmas Song Spotlight: Joseph's Song

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Joseph's Song by Michael Card. I'm not familiar with this singer, but the words touched my heart and the video pics enhanced the song.

I hope you're enjoying my Christmas Song Spotlight series. The songs may not be all well known, but together they let you know what's in my heart this season.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Take a Walk Through Bethlehem

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Talk a Walk Through Bethlehem sung by Trisha Yearwood and a favourite of mine.

malmal1392 is to be commended for putting such a heartfelt youtube video together with Trisha's music.

By the way, when the ad banner pops up across the bottom of the video, you can get rid of it by clicking on the little x in the top right corner of it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Me & Christmas Song Spotlight: On a Snowy Christmas Night

Today is my 34th anniversary (yikes!) and I'm blogging about our courtship at the Inkwell today. With that in mind, today's Christmas Song Spotlight is On a Snowy Christmas Night by Elvis with videos of Elvis and his family. The youtube starts slow, but the words embody so much of what I feel today.

Hubby's taking me away for a few hours but I'll check in later when I get back.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song)

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven. This is Mary's song of love and awe as she gives birth to Jesus whom she's been told is the son of God. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional and mental strength it took for her to believe and carry through this miraculous event.

Such a beautiful song.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Christmas Must Be Tonight

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Christmas Must Be Tonight. It's a beautiful song about the night Jesus was born.

Written by Robbie Robertson and originally performed by The Band, this youtube version was recorded by Tulsa's own SPARKPLUG: Cindy Cain, Don Miller, Rusty Miller.

Why hasn't this cover been recorded more?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Po Folks Christmas

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Whispering Bill Anderson singing Po Folks Christmas. Yes, this is an old song from the 60's and is the Christmas version of his hit song. I like this song because it reminds me that even when I feel poor and down, there's someone worse off than me.

I was a little girl when I first heard this on the radio so please forgive me as I reminisce.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Once Upon A Christmas

Today's Christmas Song Spotlight is Once Upon A Christmas written by Dolly Parton. This video was first seen on Dolly and Kenny's Christmas special in the early 90's. My family developed an annual tradition of decorating the Christmas tree while this special aired in the background.

I've only heard one other version of this song and although it's very good, it doesn't give me the memories as this one by Dolly and Kenny.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Warm & Fuzzy Billy Gilman

Billy Gilman was about 12 yrs old when he made this Warm and Fuzzy video. Billy's smooth, classy act is a seasonal favourite in our house.

Love those brows! I've seen a current non-Christmas video of Billy Gilman as he reaches adulthood. His powerful voice now contains a richness which only maturity can instill. I sure hope an album and updated videos are in the works.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: The Christmas Shoes

Ready for a tear jerker? The Christmas Shoes is a movie about a boy who wants to buy his mom special shoes for Christmas except he hasn't enough money.

The Christmas Shoes song was written and performed by New Song. Based on the song, this version was posted on youtube by benfreeze and is a project from Film School.

So, did you cry? I did. sigh.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Let It Be Christmas

Here's Alan Jackson singing Let It Be Christmas on the 2007 TV special Christmas in Washington on  TNT.

I tried to locate the CMT video where his wife and girls join him on stage, but could only find the Spanish version with pop-ups. So, if anyone knows where there's a youtube version, please let me know.

Thank you merryxmasbaby for this video.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Carol of the Bells Holdman Style

This is fantastic! It's like those fireworks displays that are set to music except the Holdman family do it at their house in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Can you imagine living across from this...

Actually, the Holdman's use this oppotunity to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. For some of the technical aspects and calendar of events, check out their website.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moose Sighting!

I interrupt my Christmas Song Spotlight series with this exciting news…

This morning at dawn, Nelson rushed in and yelled, “Get in the truck with your camera! I spotted 3 cow moose half a mile from home!”

Still in my jammies, I quickly dressed and climbed into his truck. He drove to the end of the driveway, turned left and headed north a quarter mile, then east another quarter mile. As we reached the top of one of the hills that surround our shallow valley, he pointed left and down. And there beneath bare trees in an area which would be shallow water at any other time of the year, were 3 cow moose lying in the snow.

3 cow moose hiding in a copse of trees.

Since they were on the north side of the road, I got out of his truck. Two of the moose got up as I rounded the back of Nelson’s truck. I took a couple photos then walked up to the edge of the road for a closer shot. Meanwhile the moose headed west along the tree line.

Running west along tree line.

I jumped back into the truck and asked Nelson to drive backwards. He said it’s better to turn around since there was an approach right there. We turned around and as we headed west, the moose cleared the copse of trees and turned south. They were about to cross the road in front of us.

And Nelson floored it!

“Wait! What are you doing? Stop!”

He slammed on the brakes and I lurched forward until the seat belt cut off my breath. The gravel crunched wildly beneath our wheels. I took pics as the moose crossed 150 ft in front of us. I took another knowing I hadn't paused long enough for the camera to focus. But, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn’t want to lose it.

They lumbered across the road, over the fence and through the field heading south.

Pregnant cow moose in December.

By the time I was out of the truck and taking pics again, the moose were climbing the hill and heading east.

Across the road and heading east.

Isn't this cute... they stopped to say goodbye. Or is that one sticking her tongue out at me? Honestly, the only shooting I do is with my camera.

Good-bye and Merry Christmas!

A final photo before they disappeared over the hill.

Over the hill and they were gone.

As we drove back, I asked Nelson what in blank he'd been thinking. Moose steaks for supper? He said he was trying to head them off so I could take photos out my window while sitting in the truck. How could I be mad at that? So what if my blurry images were a once-in-a-lifetime missed shot? Indeed. I have enough to keep my happy.

Need a Moose Crossing sign here.
Nelson dropped me back at home and went back to work. I looked out the kitchen window and drew the boys over. I pointed at a break between the trees where we watch for the school bus. “If you had looked over there about 10 minutes ago, you would have seen moose crossing the road.”

Wide-eyed, they looked where I pointed. I added, “They’re gone now but if they hang around in the area, we may see them other times.”

So - thanks honey. Three pregnant cow moose in December. Nice.

Thanks for the morning ride, honey.

Christmas Song Spotlight: Where are You Christmas?

Faith Hill sings Where are You Christmas? in the movie The Grinch.

People are always searching for Something, aren't they? Are you?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Fountain Square Flash Mob Joyful, Joyful

Here's another one of those Flash Mobs, this time singing Joyful, Joyful in Cincinnati.

The Vineyard Community Church sings and dances their way into everyone's hearts at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It puts a smile on my face as well.

So, are you enjoying the Christmas videos? Any other neat ones I can showcase?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Alvin & the Chipmunks

This is a very old video and I thought there was a newer version out from the Chipmunk movie a couple years back but if there is I couldn't find it. None of the new ones matched the nostalgia I felt while watching this one. Probably because most of the newer versions used still pics with remastered music. So, here's an oldie, but a goodie...

Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Christmastime

Did this one bring back any Christmas memories?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Canon

This is one of those profound songs that stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it. I still try to hold my breath so I don't miss a beat. I close my eyes and let the words and music envelope me. Before I know it, my foot is thumping the floor as if it's perched on the peddle of a bass drum.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) sounds like the band Queen and looks like the Swedish band ABBA. And if you search for more youtube videos, you'll find one of the TSO performing this very song. However, to my untrained ear, this recorded version is far superior to the stage performance of the other. However, if you do watch it, you'll see why I say the band reminds me of ABBA.

Isn't that beautiful? It kinda reminds me of Pachelbel, too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Snoopy VS the Red Baron

Those Peanuts characters and their Charlie Brown Christmas special was a family tradition at or house. I always got a kick out of Snoopy on his dog house as he flew the skies and battled the Red Baron in the name of peace.

But I think I like the Christmas bells the most...

Tomorrow's spotlight is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon Rock.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Food Court Hallelujah Chorus

I first noticed the Christmas Food Court Flash Mob singing the Halleluja Chorus about a week ago as it made its rounds on Facebook. It's one of those ones where regular people are doing their own thing and then someone stands up and starts singing...

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

Now I have to go looking for something special for Tuesday. :) Maybe I should ask for requests? LOL

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Song Spotlight: Six White Boomers

I was just at Aussie reader, AusJenny's blog where she interviews author Julie Lessman. If you leave a comment about your favourite carol or Christmas movie before Friday Dec 10th 6 pm Aussie time, you have a chance to win a free Julie Lessman book.

That got me thinking about my favourite Christmas songs and one in particular has amused us for years. It's by Aussie Rolf Harris and it's called Six White Boomers...

Listening to Christmas carols has always gotten me in the Christmas spirit and songs like this are plain fun when I'm down in the doldrums while I house clean. (shudder) LOL

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Book Signing Bash

A wonderful opportunity to buy autographed books on-line is happening now until Dec 7th:

75 Inspirational authors have gotten together for this historic virtual book-signing. All you have to do is click on the picture here which will send you to the site where you'll have loads of books to choose from in a variety of genres.  
Pick a book, pay for it, and receive an autographed copy in the mail. Or send one to someone for Christmas. Easy peasey.

Crystal Anne Draper
It's December 2 so before I sign off, I need to send a Happy Birthday out to Crystal Anne Draper, my No #1 daughter who is 32 yrs old today. Wow! Where have the years gone.

Hope you can make it home for Christmas, honey. We sure miss you around here.