Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Part of Mamma's Memoirs Posted

I've posted the final of 4 parts based on the Memoirs of Tyyne Henrekson over at Author Memoirs.

Part 1 - Mamma's early years in Finland
Part 2 - Meeting and marrying Pappa and emigrating to Canada
Part 3 - Early Life in Canada and Birth of the Children
Part 4 - Mamma finishes her Memoirs

I've enjoyed bringing Mamma's story to my website and I suspect I'll be adding more. While talking to my mom the other day, she mentioned I'd be getting a package in the mail soon from her sister, Miriam with more info. Yay!

I'll post more as I get it. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a 4 generation photo taken back in 1987 when we had a family reunion on the farm on the occasion of Taimi's visit from overseas.

(L to R) Grandma Mary, Mamma Tyyne (Great Grandma), Crystal Anne, and me, Anita Mae 

Every time I see the Monkshood flower, I remember this patch of them beside Mamma's door. Some of my best times were spent sitting on the bench with Pappa and Mamma in the mornings.
What about you? What was your favourite time on the farm?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Looking Back at Easter 2011

Do you remember Resurrection Day last year? This is what we had to go through to get to church on Easter morning 2011 ...

And this is what we did that Sunday afternoon...

Look under FLOOD WATCH in the sidebar label section for more flood pics.
We didn't want a repeat of last year. But after a mild winter with barely any snow, we enjoyed our early spring.

But it was not to be because we awoke to this yesterday morning...

And then a flock of robins were in a frenzy to eat the last of the Purple Royalty Crabapples - almost as if they were stocking up...

And then the sun came out and the snow melted off the trees. The Juncos basked in the sun and we were left with a yard full of slush.

And this is what our driveway looked like this morning...

The snow is melted on the gravel and pavement portions and despite how it looks, there's only a light covering on the grassy sections.

At 8:15 am, I looked out my window and saw the neighbor's cows had come over to wish us a Happy Easter. So nice of them except for the 'gifts' they left in the driveway.

And I almost missed the male robins in the hedgerow because their red breasts matched some of last year's leaves. After the feeding frenzy yesterday, they certainly look well fed.

What a wonderful, ever-changing world our God created.

Happy Easter!